Thank You

With all my heart I thank my supporters, without whom singdancing would not live.

Angels ~ substantial gifts that keep on giving!
Aletha NowitzkyBill Rauch, Jacques Burtin, Tom Nowitzky, Mark Nowitzky, Capitola K. Nowitzky, Christine J. Nowitzky, Sangye Ince-Johannsen, Dr. Miven Donato, Al Robins, Chase Morgan, Melissa Orr,  Cecile Shohet, Bil Leonhart, Ramin Shokrizade, James Adams, SOU McNeal Hall, Scott Schwarz, Corne Erasmus.

Donors ~ greatly appreciated donations and support!
Anonymous, Brian Be, Christian Swenson, Byron Bradley Byrd Carrier, Anna Scheving, Edward Givens, Camp Kaye, Ari Langer, Matthew Michel, Midge Raymond and John Yunker

Grants ~ by foundations & other groups

Alden B. Dow (2005), Foundation (2013), Moonifest (2013)

Singdancing is sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit organization through which tax deductible donations may be made to Vanessa Nowitzky for her project AHS! A Home for Singdancers. Donate here.

Find out more here.

Heartfelt thanks to performers featured in videos:

Melissa Orr, Presila Quinby, Nancy Martin, Christine Williams, Aletha Nowitzky, Heather Hutton, Shelly Cox, Anna Scheving (Christensen).

Thank you to all my dance and movement teachers! Especially these brave souls, for their enduring patience with me, in order of their appearance in my life:
Robin Bryant, Suzanne Seiber, Mark Borchelt, Nando Raynolds, Suzee Grilley, Liz Finnegan, Peggy Paver

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