Roots and Arteries

Peruse these related links to get to know my cousins and ancestors. Scroll below for links to my friends, coworkers and teachers.

Voice Movement Therapy
All singdancers do some version of this on themselves to gain complete vocal empowerment:

Kvæðaskapur, Icelandic Epic Song, which uses continuous pitch. Inspired me to allow singdancing to use continuous pitch. Learned from my music composition teacher Lucky Mosko. Here is a link to a good example of kvæðaskapur.

Christian Swenson, awesome inventor of Human Jazz, and my dear friend and mentor.
(Human Jazz is another name and style of that which singdancing is my name and style):

Fabien Maman, master of sound healing and founder of the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement:

Elaine Morgan, a brilliant author who wrote 5 books about the Aquatic Ape Theory. This theory explains why we are musical and how we can sing. About five to seven million years ago in Africa the climate changed such that the ocean came in over primate’s habitats. Early hominids spent a couple million years living in and around shallow coastal waters. Living in water made us bipedal, hairless, prone to fat, able to hold our breath, vocalize voluntarily, and focus more on sounds than smells. The last three traits helped us develop speech and song. For a free pdf download about the theory and her work:

AXIS Dance: Differently abled performers, like me:

Arnold Schoenberg, the iconoclastic composer who freed my mind to let go of tonality, which is how I could fully explore the effects of movement on vocalization:

To learn more about atonality:

To learn more about the voice and how vocal folds produce sound:

Colleges Attended By Vanessa Nowitzky

The Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts

Cornish College of the Arts

The California Institute of the Arts

Southern Oregon University

Friends and Teachers

Aletha Nowitzky
I am so thankful that this amazing woman is my mother! Listen to how chaos creates synchronicity in her music and you’ll understand how I got my panache:

Suzee Grilley, my primary dance teacher
Breath in movement and joy in expression.

Susie Allen, my phenomenal improvisation teacher
“Play anything!”

Lucky Mosko, my music composition and kvaedaskapur teacher
Composing on the other side now.

Heather Hutton
My beautiful friend and former singdancer, now highly recommended teacher of Unified Voice Works.

Sangye Ince-Johannsen, multimedia tech master. Brilliant videographer, photographer, editor.

Wonderful places to practice aerial arts in the Rogue Valley: 

Ashland Aerial Arts


Loraia Ward
this beautiful tantric dance teacher enchants her students into a sacred experience of sexuality:

Dan Shaw
investigator of earth’s mysteries…