Once a Singdancer… always beloved!


I am delighted to introduce my new singdancers, Carolina Downie and Anna Scheving. Together we’re workshopping my new singdance Street Deer. Anna and I were in high school choir together and she’s performed in two of my original works before: my trapeze madrigal Emerging Light and my singdance sub rosa. Carolina and I just met, but we found we had a lot in common. For example, as babies, we both spent a great deal of time under the pianos that our moms played!

Carolina Downie

“I began dancing from first watching Eurythmy dancers from a basket under a piano when I was a baby. This turned into a deep love for dance and I have been dancing ballet and eurythmy on and off my whole life with many studios from Northern California and Ashland. Singing is one of my greatest loves and I can remember constantly singing about mermaids when I was 3. Whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was always a singer. Now that I’m in school for and working as a Waldorf teacher, I get to sing all day long which I love. And becoming a singdancer has been one of the best things too!” ~ Carolina

Anna Scheving

Classically trained in voice, Anna Scheving currently sings with several local groups in the Rogue Valley. Unclassically trained in dance, Anna especially enjoys Free-form Ecstatic. She says, “I love the challenge of singdancing with Vanessa. It is similar to playing percussion instruments while singing. To embody multiple performance art forms in unison is the ultimate practice for feeding my whole self through music.”

Vanessa Nowitzky

Singdancing is the joy of my existence and my raison d’etre.
I am immensely grateful to all the teachers, friends, and family
who have helped me reach this point
and who have donated to A Singdancing Company
so that these talented lovelies and I can rehearse and perform.
For the animals,


Julia Box, Jessy Friedt, Heather Hutton, Nancy Martin, Aletha Nowitzky, Jeannie Olson, Presila Quinby, Nina Radhakrishna, Suzanne Seiber, Alison Stauth, Damon Van der Barr, Christine Williams

If you have performed singdancing with me, please send me your email address, so I can get your photo and one paragraph bio, and I will add you to this page! 🙂

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