The Definition of Singdancing

singdance, verb:

1. To voice the movement of energy through the body.

2. To allow movement to affect vocalization in order to form melodic potentials which the ear may specify.

3. To embody music, vocally and physically through integrated movement and song.

examples: 1. Let us singdance. 2. At this point in the play, the fairies should singdance.

singdance, noun:

1. a choreographed composition that is created in such a manner that the movement affects the voice to form melodies.

example: How do you like my new singdance?

2. a choreographed composition which embodies music in such an integrated way, that it looks and sounds as if the movement affects the voice to form melodies.

example: 1. I created a singdance to the tune of The Silver Swan. 2. Your dance could become a singdance with the addition of vocalization composed to fit the movement.

3. an improvised or choreographed expression in which movement affects voice and voice integrates with movement via breath. 

examples: While walking in the park, he spontaneously burst into a singdance for the trees.

singdancing, noun: the act of those who singdance.

example: If you like modern dance and choral music, you’ll love singdancing.

singdancing, verb (gerund): Performing a singdance, or, voicing the movement of energy through the body, or, allowing movement to affect vocalization, etc.

examples: 1. Today we are singdancing Duck in a Row. 2. Singdancing regularly helps me express and transcend my grief about the Anthropocene extinction. 3. While singdancing, Alison discovered that she could sing lower than she thought.

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